North East Shipping

Dictionary of Tyne sailing Ships: a record of merchant sailing ships owned, registered and built in the port of Tyne from 1830-1930-1998- by Richard E Keys, (Library Book)

Invaluable research tool into the ships and at a personal level, the shipbuilders and shipowners of the Tyne. NB. Information is included pre 1830.

Notes on the History of Shipbuilding in South Shields 1746-1946 (with appendices) by Amy C Flagg (1 January 1979)

A fascinating history of the development of shipbuilding from research by the talented Amy Flagg (little recognition; she well deserves a blue plaque) who conducted her research by visiting regional archives as well as South Shields library. It was through reading this book that I discovered several of my ship-building ancestors, especially James Evans, father & son.

The Coble by John Salmon: An Illustrated Facsimile Reprint with Commentary by Adrian G Osler (1 October 2008)

With direct ancestors Thomas Young and George Pollard who died whist sailing their respective boats on the River Tyne, this book, however, focuses on the role of the boats as pleasure crafts. I have also written about Thomas Salmon and his descendants including John Salmon.

Black Diamonds by Sea: North-East Sailing Colliers, 1780-1880 by Ken Smith; Richard E Keys (1998)

An exemplary study of colliers engaged in the transportation of coal from the North-East to the South-East; a trade which involved some of my direct ancestors and therefore a value source of research. It is the statistics relating to damage to the colliers and the alarming mortality rate.

Building Ships on the North East Coast: 1640-1914 Part 1: A Labour of Love, Risk and Pain by J F Clarke (1997)

A well-researched book which compliments Amy Flagg‚€™s book aiding my study of shipbuilding ancestors on the River Tyne.

The Birth And History of Trinity House Newcastle upon Tyne by David Moir

Earlier in the year (2020) I again enjoyed a tour of this iconic building on the Newcastle upon Tyne Quayside; such a privilege. This book explores the development of not only the building but the origins of my Sea Pilot heritage.

Britain and the Baltic: Studies in Commercial, Political and Cultural Relations 1500-2000 -2003- edited by Patrick Salmon and Tony Barrow

I bought this initially as a holiday read in 2004, but since then it has proved to be an excellent reference book in considering the voyages of some of my ancestors in the 18th & 19th centuries.

Mr Greathead's Lifeboats by Adrian Ostler (1 January 1990)

This book was purchased to help my son Alex with his project based on lifeboats. It wasn‚€™t until some years later that I realised that his gt gt grandfather, Thomas Young in fact served on the ‚€˜Tyne‚€™ lifeboat (now restored and displayed next to the Wouldhave memorial near the pier)!

Trafalgar Geordies and North Country Seamen of Nelson's Navy 1793-1815 ‚€“ 27 May 2005-by Tony Barrow

Skilled mariners from the NE served in all of the sea battles of the Napoleonic Era. Information about Press Gangs is fascinating; however, it is the lists of sailors in the appendices identified by place of residence in the region, that is indeed remarkable.


Preservation of Life from Shipwreck: Trilogy-1980 by Boswell Whittaker
Red Book: Skutender Lifeboat
Blue Book: South Shields Volunteer Lifebrigade
Green Book: Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

A valuable source of information about the development of life-saving measures stemming from the development of the lifeboats in South Shields in 1789 to air sea rescue in the 1970's.

Rescues in the Surf: The story of the Shields lifeboats 1789-1939

This is an excellent book which includes an extensive list of rescues and wrecks from the 1780s to the 1930s including the sad account of the death of my great grandfather, Thomas Young in 1881. The maps and illustrations I have found to be invaluable in several aspects of my research.